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Outer Banks Summer Fishing Report

Outer Banks Summer Fishing Report

Guys just too busy fishing to sit and make any quality posts.  Hopefully you guys have been keeping up with us through rocksolid facebook and instgram.  I have been trying to get a few pics up weekly to let you guys know we are busy, catching fish, and having fun!  We had a blow day today and trying to catch up!  The Rock Solid has been sailing non stop, Capt Amanda and the Carolina Blue been hitting it hard!  Capt Tom has been getting the reds on the evening and weekend trips on the Carolina Blue.  Labor day is fast approaching.  We are tired but thankful to everyone that has fished with us.  Lots of smiles, good times, and happy faces.  Cobia have been cooperative!

Lately there has been a window of pretty good mahi fishing close to the beach!

outer banks inshore fishing cobia mahi boat meathog jigs

fresh dolpihn always makes you smile

Spanish and blues are getting thicker everyday.  The gray trout, sea mullets and flounders have been biting back the the channels.

Fall is easing its way to us.  Finger mullet have shown up in the inlet.  So give us a call and join in on some of the fun!



Ribbonfish showed up in force this summer.  Not a usual fish but ended up been a super fun light tackle fishery!


As summer wanes away I vow to update more regularly I have so many cool pics, stories, and videos to share!  thanks again to everyone for your loyalty and support!

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