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Cold water speckled trout fishing

The water is cold but we have been still getting them! The target species have been speckled trout, red drum, and stripers. Cold water speckled trout fishing begs for patience and hardcore anglers! As long as you have the right gear you stay warm and can have fun. We are fishing two to three all day trips a week right now for em. So I have had a decent pulse on the movements of the fish. One evening we fished into the dark to give up after our guides kept icing up every cast! We worked hard and were thankful for those couple nice trout.

Another time we hit it big and I mean big! Not a bite for five hours of casting. No signs of life anywhere, cold water, no bait, no marks, no quitting! Finally! We hit em in the shallows on stickbaits and landed them till we had enough, well into the night! Congrats Randy! Fish up to nine pounds! Kept one injured fish let the rest swim away! Way up the river. Cold water speckled trout fishing water in the 37-45 degree range, gotta fish slow. Coldblooded as they are, they still gotta feed, maybe not everyday but when the bite window is open its nice to be in the right place at the right time! I guess thats what helps to fuel the addiction and adds to the allure and skunked fishing trips always seem eminent in such harsh conditions. Jigs have produced as well at times. Tried topwater couple times with no luck lately. Mirrolures have been ok but lucky crafts have been hotter! I have seen guys still live baiting and it looks to have stalled out some. Of course ole Jr. managed to opportunistically meander into some fantastic fishing with the great Lama aboard (meathog fishing)! Not big numbers but stud fish. When six-seven pounders start looking par then you know you have serendipitously landed at the right place at the right time! Drummies have been showing much better this winter as well. Some fish in the 30 inch range and others around the 25 inch class. On a much solemn note the illegal poaching of these revered fish puts the fishing forcast back into limbo. Couple cats under the guise of recreational gillnetting decided to pull well North of 3000lbs of sow trout for personal profit. Law abiding recreational and commercial folks got fleeced by these guys. Congrats to the VMRC for the bust! According to a recent Hampton roads article, this was not the first event and not the only unmarked net from these fellas. Extreme cold, frozen over parts of the ER, super sluggish fish, poaching, all lend itself to a feeble near future fishing forcast. Fortunately or unfortunately, I guess it would be ones perspective, I gota go back out and try. If I was a trustfunder maybe I would be chasing cobia off Australia right now! Super lotto has not hit and overweight jack daniels drinking fisherman dont get millon dollar sponsorships so I am gonna grind it out here! One blessing I recieved is the insatiable desire to find the next bite how to find em, whats makes em bite and how can I share my passion with you! As a necessity to continue to fish, learn and evolve, we will go back and try again! Maybe get skunked maybe get a 10 pounda! I betcha we will figure out the next bite! I betcha ole ole Jr will be right in there with me in the mix discovering our next secret weapon! So if freezing fingers and cold toes and many casts for the opportunity to hold a 27-30 speckled trout gets you off the couch then cold water speckled trout fishing could be for you!

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