OBX Near Shore Fishing Articles

If you are planning your next OBX near shore fishing expedition, or just ” jonesing” for some great outer banks fishing action without having the luxury of being there, then check out these Coastal Angler articles that feature our very own Captain Aaron, owner and proprietor of Rock Solid Fishing.   Book your next OBX Charter Fishing Trip with Capt’n Kelly.

 OBX Near Shore Fishing Choice

obx near shore fishing


Expert OBX Near Shore Fishing 

Fish aboard the Rock Solid, the Carolina Blue, or the Southern Run for light tackle charter fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Chesapeake, Va. We customize trips for families as well as the experienced angler. All bait, tackle, rods, reels and licenses are included. We’ll get you rigged up! We are your clear choice for obx near shore fishing fun!

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